Our Lady of Loreto parishioners and Catholics affiliated with other parishes:

  • $5,990 if paid up front and in full before the school year opens by July 15th

  • $6,240 if paid monthly. 20% paid before the school year opens by July 15th and the rest paid over eight monthly installments due on the first of each of the months of August-March

2019/2020 school year.

  • Registration Fee: $200 (Additional Siblings $175) for Preschool-8th Grade

5 half days AM   Plan “A” PAID IN FULL- $3,780, Plan “B” MONTHLY PAYMENTS $3,930
5 full days           Plan “A” PAID IN FULL- $6,830, Plan “B” MONTHLY PAYMENTS $6,6980

Affiliated Siblings Discount

1st  Child- Plan “A” PAID IN FULL-$5,990, Plan “B” MONTHLY PAYMENTS $6240
2nd Child- Plan “A” PAID IN FULL-$5,740, Plan “B” MONTHLY PAYMENTS $5,990
3rd Child- Plan “A” PAID IN FULL-$3,594, Plan “B” MONTHLY PAYMENTS $3,744
4th Child- Plan “A” PAID IN FULL-$2,995, Plan “B” MONTHLY PAYMENTS $3,120

Non-Affiliated Students

1st Child- Plan “A” PAID IN FULL- $7,480, Plan “B” MONTHLY PAYMENTS $7,730 2nd Child-Plan “A” PAID IN FULL-$7,230, Plan “B” MONTHLY PAYMENTS $7,480
3rd Child-Plan “A” PAID IN FULL-$7,230, Plan “B” MONTHLY PAYMENTS $7,480
4th Child-Plan “A” PAID IN FULL-$7,230, Plan “B” MONTHLY PAYMENTS $7,480

Financial Aid

We are pleased to offer you a convenient, online method to apply for financial assistance through Seeds of Hope for Our Lady of Loreto Catholic School.

Steps to Apply for Financial Assistance Online:

-Go to denvercatholicschools.com to the Variable Tuition Program

-Deadline for applying for assistance is April 1, 2019

-Students who currently receive an ACE, Schmitz scholarship, or OLOL Financial assistance must apply for the Seeds of Hope Scholarship for the new school year (2019/2020) This is the first step for renewals

Tuition Assistance

For families who may not be able to afford full tuition at Our Lady of Loreto Catholic School, tuition assistance opportunities for grades K-8 are available. They include the following:


To qualify for an ACE SCHOLARSHIP, families must live in Colorado and qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program. A limited number of applications are available each year.  The awards are renewable each year and follow a student from Kindergarten through high school.  Families must submit assistance applications each year.

Schmitz Family Foundation

The Schmitz Family Foundation supports Catholic students through scholarships.  Families must meet the eligibility guidelines listed on the application.  At least one person in the family must be employed, and federal income tax forms and W-2s must be included with the application. Families must reapply for funding each school year.

Universal Education Supporters, Inc. (UES)

This is a non-profit organization that has the sole purpose to serve Catholic education through fundraising activities, and to help families meet their tuition obligations. UES is looking for individuals and families to work concessions at Coors Field, Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Sports Authority and the Pepsi Center. If you would like more information, please call 303-533-7UES or visit their website at www.uesdenver.org.