Our Lady of Loreto Catholic School exists to provide a Christ centered education of the whole child, respecting his/her dignity as created by God for God in his image.  Nurturing the spiritual intellectual, emotional, and physical character of each child, the school forms the child to be a leader in the community who proclaims Christ, faithful to his teachings and those of his Catholic Church.




Providing A Rigorous Curriculum

Our educational mission is to maximize each students’ intellectual potential through rigorous academic standards developing:

  • Critical thinking and academic success skills
  • Creative problem solving
  • Abilities to apply academics in real-life learning
  • Each child’s unique talents, interests, and gifts, and give them the confidence to reach higher self-esteem, intellectual risk-taking, and collaboration in a community of peers
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Building The Catholic Faith

Our spiritual mission is in the proclamation of the Word of God, living the Catholic faith, and encouraging investigation of the truth so that we can:

  • Discover the revelation of God’s mystery in every subject
  • Promote and develop a personal relationship with God
  • Guide students to live their faith by making their religion relevant through prayer, teaching, example, and opportunities to reflect Jesus in thought and word
  • Work together to develop a caring environment which facilitates mutual respect and cooperation
  • Encourage a compassionate awareness of the larger community outside of school through education, involvement in service projects, and participation in parish and community organizations and events

We are passionate about educating and nurturing the minds, bodies, and souls of our students to become our future Catholic leaders with the readiness skills for high school and beyond.