Clothing worn to school should reflect the seriousness and importance of the learning environment; therefore, student attire is expected to be clean and neat at all times. The uniform code is based on modesty, neatness, cleanliness, good taste and safety.

Hair is to be clean, combed, and off the collar for boys. Bangs may not extend beyond the eyebrow. It is the policy of Our Lady of Loreto Catholic School that students come to school with naturally colored hair. Any form of dyed hair, including highlighting, is not acceptable.

Jewelry on both boys and girls is limited to the following: a watch, a religious medal or crucifix, girls may wear earrings that do not hang beyond the earlobe. No other jewelry may be worn with the uniform.

Make-up and nail polish are not allowed.

Students in grades K-6 are to begin wearing the uniforms the first day of school and every day thereafter unless otherwise specified on the monthly calendar. If for any reason, a student is unable to be in uniform, a note explaining the reason must accompany the student each day he/she is out of uniform. During the time the student is out of uniform, he/she should follow the dress down code outlined below. If a student comes to school out of uniform with no explanation, parents will be contacted.

No jackets (blue jean jackets, ski parkas, etc.) may be worn in classrooms. During cold weather, students may wear a uniform/navy sweater in class.


For our current Dress Code, click the link below:

2014-2015 Dress Code

Dennis Uniforms

Our uniforms are ordered and provided by Dennis Uniforms. You can order online or in their local store:

8600 Park Meadows Drive # 700, Lone Tree, CO 80124
Phone 303.738.2255 | hours & directions
National Customer Service 800.854.6951