Catholic schools athletic league

Our Lady of Loreto Catholic School’s athletic programs are made possible through our participation in the Catholic Schools Athletic League (CSAL).

Purpose of CSAL

A Catholic school participates in the Catholic Schools Athletic League programs as one dimension of its ministry. A school CSAL program justifies its existence and the sacrifice and expense it entails only if it makes better Catholics of its participants. In CSAL programs, emphasis rests not on the number of games won or lost, but on the participants’ attitude in victory or defeat. Learning how to lose is just as important as learning how to win. Learning how to win graciously is more important than winning itself.

The Catholic Schools Athletic League is part of the co-curricular activities available to students enrolled full-time in Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools. Co-curricular activities include the academic decathlon, athletics, spelling, speech, and the art fair.




Our Lady of Loreto Blue Angels

Our Lady of Loreto Catholic School promotes participation and sportsmanship in athletics to foster the total development of young people and influence the formation of Catholic ideals.  The young person, not the athletic activity, is the primary focus in the OLOL athletic programs. We recognize that there is great educational value to be gained through the playing of sports.

The following athletic opportunities are available to students in grades 3-6:

Girls and Boys Cross-Country – Grade 5-6(Fall)
Running Club Grades K-6 (Spring)
Girls and Boys Basketball – Grades 3/4 and Grades 5/6 (Winter)
Girls Softball
Boys Baseball

As our school continues to grow more athletics programs will be brought on. Several other Catholic schools have invited our students to play on their teams until we have our own. Now, that is what we call good Christian sportsmanship.